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Israel Food Rescue is a nonpolitical and religiously pluralistic mission that aids needy Israeli farmers and protects Israel’s food security.

“You came when we most needed you, when there was no one else. You were very helpful, very productive.”

Chen Saidi, Farmer at Busan HaDarom


Over 350

Volunteers From Over 17 Countries



Volunteer Hours


5 Days to
5 weeks

Volunteer Missions


Rolling Admissions

& Flexible Dates


Pick, Plant, Sort and Pack

Fruits & Vegetables

Why Israel Food Rescue?

Summer Special Pricing Opportunity!

Thanks to a generous donor, we are offering a special pricing opportunity. This summer, we are offering 5-day missions for a highly 

discounted rate. 


Find out more here.


Meet The Farmers That Need Your Help


"Thank you so much to Israel Food Rescue. You remind me of our national anthem, Hatikvakah, the hope!"

Tomer Moherman,

Owner of Meshek Moherman


"You came when we most needed it when there was no one else. You were very helpful, and very productive. It was a pleasure to know you were here. It's a very good feeling to know we have friends like you."

Chai Saidi,

Owner of Bustan HaDarom

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